St.Eunans National School

Active School

Our annual event “Walk a mile with a smile” during ASW

Whole school big challenge “Dance Off”

showing off our football skills during Sports Day

Enjoying traditional games during Sports Day.

Trying out the javelin during athletics

Trying out the javelin during athletics

St Eunans NS Staff meeting. Reviewing the Fundamental movement skills.

Active home Week 2020





We enjoyed a different type of Active week during 2020 with lots of children participating in many different activities.

We had lots of challenges and messages of encouragement from some local sports stars, which were posted through Facebook. So many children and families got involved and it definitely lifted our spirits and made us feel part of a positive school community.

Thanks to everyone involved for making it as really special occasion.

Winners of Finn Valley Cross Country Tuesday 17th September U9 Boys were overall winners of the Cross Country and were presented with Gold Medals. U9 Girls came 3rd overall and were presented with Bronze Medals.


We are champions. U 10 sports hall relay team.





Enjoying a taste of hockey during Active Schools week

Taster session Hockey


Raphoe Town Football club show us some skills during Active Schools week

St. Marys Ladies coaches help out during active week.





We added table tennis as a completely new activity this year. It has proved a great success and can be moved indoors also.

Table tennis fun during Active Schools week






Children enjoying boxing lessons with Gary McCullagh during Active School Week

Parental partnership with Gary Mc Cullagh, Raphoe boxing club, giving the children a taster of boxing.










Challenge the teachers can be a bit of a pull during ASW










Children enjoying a badminton taster session during Active Schools week











Children learning about angles through football with Packie Mailey during Active schools week

Maths and angles with Convoy ????












St Eunans’ pupils participate in Donegals Fastest Child


Mrs Daly’s class putting up tents with the scouts

Partnership with Raphoe Scouts

Senior School Participating in Active Week




The children from 3rd to 6th class participated in the Donegal Sports Hall Athletics in Deele College. They had a great day and made us very proud indeed. Congratulations to all the children who took part and the helpers.

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We were delighted to welcomed the Ryan family and Kevin McHugh to help us raise the Active Flag and our 6th Green Flag. This was a fantastic occasion for the school. The children were delighted to have such high profile celebrities in their midst. Well done to all and a special thanks to Mrs.Gallagher and the Active School Committee for all their hard work.

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Prize giving for Cross Country at the assembly on Friday.

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Hockey at lunch time.


Bizzy Breaks during wet break times.

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Athletics with Sharon


WOW! Walk on Wednesdays was a great success.

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