St.Eunans National School

Senior Infants & 1st Class – Mrs Gallager

Science project on “Germs”

We used flour to show how germs can get into the cracks on our skin and between our fingers.




















Mrs Gallagher Senior infants june 8th

Mrs Gallagher first class 8th June



Mrs Gallagher senior infants june 2nd

First class Mrs Gallagher 2nd June

clothes irish june 1st

Senior infants May 25th

first class May 25th

Mrs Gallagher senior infants May 11th

Mrs Gallagher 1st Class 11th May

Mrs Gallagher senior infants 5th May

Mrs Gallagher first class may 5th


Senior Infants 27th April

1st class 27th April

5. CHALLENGE Chart Active Home Week (Schools Working Towards ASF) ‘Fillable’ PDF (1)


2. Info. Document for PARENTS (Schools Working Towards ASF)


Senior Infants worklist Monday 20th April

1st class worklist Monday 20th April


Mrs Gallagher senior and first class homework

SI and First class enjoying their winter theme of Aistear, making snow,shape pictures, ICT, ice painting and our new playboard set.

Mrs Gallagher’s Christmas Play



Enjoying music time during Aistear



The children listening to the Road Safety Talk

Mrs Gallagher’s class enjoying “Bounce” Session

Mrs Gallagher Snr Infants & 1st class attending Wainfest Central Library Letterkenny

Snr Infants & 1st class at “Silly Stories” at Wainefest